Carefulness required for persons allergic to birch pollen !

Stay careful, the birch is still in bloom.

The pollen concentration in the air decreased temporarily. However, it could rapidly increase in case of weather improvement.

Follow your doctor’s advice.

Change in our institute !

On the 1st of April 2018, the Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) and the Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CERVA-CODA) merged into a new federal research centre: Sciensano.

Our logo will change, however our mission remains unchanged.

The AirAllergy team in the Mycology & Aerobiology service will continue the surveillance of pollen and spores in the air.


The birch pollen season is still ongoing but pollen concentrations are fluctuating due to the weather conditions.

On Tuesday we collected 32 birch pollen grains per m³ air in Brussels.

Cool and showery weather is forecast for the coming days. The risk for allergy sufferers will thus remain limited during the second part of the week.

Other trees like the willow, the beech, the oak, the plane and the trees from the Pinaceae family are also currently in bloom.


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A few useful recommendations for allergic people:

  • Avoid outdoor activities
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Shower and wash your hair regularly
  • Use paper handkerchiefs so they can be thrown away
  • Do not dry your linen outside
  • Keep closed your car's windows


Good to know.

The summer snow you can see drifting in the air is not pollen but poplar and willow seeds (white fluffy threads), and also dandelion seeds. This cottony fluff does not cause allergy!