Carefulness required for persons allergic to birch pollen !

Currently there are high quantities of birch pollen in the air. Follow your doctor’s advice.

Change in our institute !

On the 1st of April 2018, the Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) and the Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (CERVA-CODA) merged into a new federal research centre: Sciensano.

Our logo will change, however our mission remains unchanged.

The AirAllergy team in the Mycology & Aerobiology service will continue the surveillance of pollen and spores in the air.


The birch pollen season began.

On Wednesday, we collected 870 grains per m³ air in Brussels. The threshold of 80 grains per m³ air has largely been exceeded.

People allergic to this type of pollen should be careful and follow their doctor’s advice.

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A few useful recommendations for allergic people:

  • Avoid outdoor activities
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Shower and wash your hair regularly
  • Use paper handkerchiefs so they can be thrown away
  • Do not dry your linen outside
  • Keep closed your car's windows