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The Belgian pollen and spore monitoring network was created in 1974. Its main objective is to give rapid information about these allergens to practitioners, pharmaceutical companies and allergic sufferers. These data will help determine a diagnosis and the eviction of high risk periods.

Since 1982, the airborne allergens (pollen and fungal spores) are monitored by the Mycology & Aerobiology service of the Scientific Institute of Public Health. Various sites monitor pollen types from January to September, and till November for the fungal spores.

Project leader:  Marijke HENDRICKX & Nicolas BRUFFAERTS

Scientific collaborator: Lucie HOEBEKE & Florence DE BOCK


  • Caroline VERSTRAETEN 
  • Karine GOENS
  • Eddy BASSLE - Zeepreventorium De Haan


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1050 Brussels
Phone: 02/642 55 18
Fax: 02/642 55 19
E-mail: airallergy(at)wiv-isp.be