Good to know

  • People sensitized to birch pollen may experience allergy symptoms when hazel and alder pollen densities are high due to the existence of a cross reactivity.
  • Small quantities of grass pollen can cause at the beginning of the season, allergy problems in highly sensitive individuals


Tips to mitigate the symptoms:

  • Follow the recommendations and the treatment prescribed by the doctor
  • Avoid efforts and outdoor activities, indoor sports are suitable
  • Keep windows closed when traveling by car
  • Moderate the aeration of the house during the pollen season
  • Wear sunglasses to avoid contact of allergens with the eyes. Especially in dry and windy weather when the pollen concentrations are high.
  • Wash your hair before going to bed.
  • Staying on the coast is often beneficial for people with an allergy for birch pollen.
  • Do not dry your clothes outside
  • Use paper handkerchiefs
  • Avoid mowing lawns during the grass pollen season.